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Mardaani Movie Review, Rani Mukherjee : The film Mardaani 2, released amidst the shocking incidents of rape in Hyderabad and Unnao, serves as a psychological behavior of rapists and exposing the male dominated society in the country.

Rani Mukherjee starrer not only shows the struggles of a working class woman in the system but also proves that in any thriller film, if the main lead as well as the villain’s character is properly crafted, then often the film is a Proves to be a good cinematic experience.

Mardaani 2 Review

IPS officer Shivani Shivaji Roy has reached Kota from Mumbai. This city of Rajasthan remains the hub of students preparing for IITs across the country. There are many stories of success in this city. On reaching the city, Shivani gets information about a dreaded rape and murder. Sunny, a young crazy and mentally deformed man, not only rapes women but is also happy when she succumbs to her victim like a sadist or sadistic. Shivani follows this person with full confidence and after Shivani’s announcement in the press, now this person gets a dangerous craze about Shivani and he continuously commits heinous crimes. This race of thief-police goes on becoming very violent and serious and the climax of the film forces people to be shocked.

Editing in any suspense film, background score and good chemistry of actors can bring a simple film to a new level. Director Gopi Putheran, who handled the screenplay, dialogues and direction of this film, has also managed to do so. Tight keeps the first half of the film tied due to the screenplay, although the second half is a bit slow, but the film makes a ruckus by the end.

Due to the great production quality, many scenes have become excellent. Apart from Rani, special efforts have not been done on the rest of the characters, which is a bit awkward, though the war between the villain and the main lead has made up its shortcoming. Although the story of a lonely woman fighting the system seems to be dramatic and clear in many places, the character of Vishal also seems far from reality on some occasions. With the help of the film’s cinematography, the attempt to highlight the character of Shivani and Vishal has been successful.

As an IPS officer, Rani’s gestures resonate and how a feminist woman has to survive in a powerful system, she has been able to express the expressions associated with such duality. Shivani is emotional on many occasions in the film for the gray shades and loses courage but she maintains her dominance on the screen continuously. However, in a TV interview scene, it does not seem to be as effective, due to which weak writing can be shown somewhere.

The same 21-year-old Vishal Jethwa has drawn attention from his very first film. Like Jim Saarb, who started his Bollywood career with the role of a terrorist some time ago, Vishal has also played the role of a deformed man battling childhood tragedy. They force themselves to hate their expressions and antics in a cool way. His name can also be counted among the best negative characters of the year.
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The film is dark and entertaining, in addition to this, people sitting in search of many questions related to women in the society will also get the answers from this film. With the help of this film, people who have a grudge against women in the country will get a new attitude and thrilling climax can shock people.

According to the mainstream films, there is a lot of darkness and violence in the film, but it was necessary to bring the reality of the people dealing with sex crime to the screen and make a large section of the insensitive society like this uncomfortable. One can be forced to think only through films.

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