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The action film ‘Six Underground (6 Underground)’ has been released on Netflix. 6 Underground is a film full of action and adventure directed by Michael Bay. Michael Bay has previously directed films like ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Transformers’. Although the action and scene of the film is quite spectacular despite the confusing storylines, it also has great actors like Ryan Reynolds, Manuel Garcia-Ralpho, Ben Hardy, Melanie Laurent, Adria Arjona, Dave Franco and Corey Hawkins.

6 Underground Movie Netflix

The film ‘Six Underground’ begins with a car chase scene. The car chase scene of ‘Six Underground) is so spectacular that in it, action lovers will be seen flying with cars as well as there is a tremendous scene for lovers of parkour. The film has a team of six people who have no name. The leader of this team is Ryan Reynolds and he has to eliminate some bad guys. In the eyes of the whole world, these people are dead, but as ghosts they carry out their work and the world remains completely unaware of them.

However, there is a lot of drama in the story and the entire focus of Michael Bay is on showing action. In which he is also completely successful. The action of the film is surprising and eyes open. Michael Bay has experimented with the Parkor technique, he is awesome. Netflix has also released the film in Hindi and the Indian audience doubles the fun of watching a fun action film.

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