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In Jawaani Jaaneman Movie, Jaswinder alias Jazz (Saif Ali Khan) plays a 40-year-old single man who always runs away from his responsibilities. And she loves to party and enjoy new girls. He is living his life openly that is when Tia (Alia Furniturewala) comes into his life.

Jazz tries to flirt with Alia when she finds out that Tia is his daughter and Tia went to college to visit Amsterdam and is already pregnant. Jazz, who escapes from responsibility, tries to stay away from Tia, but Tia does not leave him. Now does Jazz adopt Tia after this or will he turn from this responsibility. For this you will have to see this film.

jawaani jaaneman movie review

There are many revelations as soon as the film starts, but still its story maintains interest. Tabu and Saif had a lot of fun whenever they came on screen. The first half of the film was Slow. At the same time, the story of the film becomes interesting from the second half.

Many scenes of the film are predictable, but this will not stop you from having fun. The story of the film is good, but at times the story of the film seemed a little weak. Talking about the music of the film, if the time of this film is as much, according to that the songs have not been given much time. There are also some messages for users in the film which is important.

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