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Shimla Mirchi Movie : Avinash’s love letter is found by his girl’s mother instead of his girlfriend, and from there, comedies start with a lot of misunderstandings.

Shimla Mirchi Movie

Review: Avinash (Rajkummar Rao) arrives with his family on a holiday to Shimla, where he is eyeing a beautiful local girl, Naina (Rakul Preet), and then he decides to propose to her. Since he is very shy by nature and therefore cannot say his words to Naina so easily. Now he starts working in a cafe there so that he can get close to Naina. … and when he finally muses up his courage and writes a letter to Naina, it accidentally falls into the hands of his mother Rukmani (Hema Malini). Divorced Rukmani looks ready for a relationship with Avinash, younger than her.

This 2015 film ‘Shimla Mirch’ has taken a good 5 years to release. Directed by noted filmmaker Ramesh Sippy, the film is the first film in the last 25 years. The first half of the film is quite stretched and looks weak, which you already know about the climax.

Rajkummar Rao plays the character of a lover well. Rakul Preet has also shown perfection in his role. Some of Hema Malini’s comic looks are worth watching. Shakti Kapoor is seen narrating Chinese jokes, which does not affect the story of the film.

‘Shimla Mirch’ is a romantic comedy film with Bima Masala, which could have been improved a bit more tight editing and Climax. The plot of the film is interesting, through which many fun flavors could be given to the story. The two-hour long film is not completely successful in tickling you.

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