Street Dancer 3D Movie Review 2020 | Varun Dhawan | Shraddha Kapoor

Street Dancer 3D Movie : Street Dancer 3D film is the story of two warring groups who unite for a big cause with a dance background. Sahej (Varun Dhawan) is an Indian-origin British resident in the film who lives in London with his family.

He and his brother Inder (Puneet J Pathak) are part of a dance group called Street Dancers in the film. Inder gets hurt in the final act of his dance performance, sadly breaking his knee, in a globally iconic dance performance called Ground Zero. Meanwhile, the Street Dancer gang also becomes disorganized.

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review

Sahej i.e. Varun Dhawan re-organizes this street dancers gang and starts performing their street dance. In the same area, another dance group also breaks the rules. They are of Pakistani origin and include one Inayat (Shraddha Kapoor), Zain (Salman Yusuf Khan). Their dance coffee is shown to be better in the film and these two groups often get into fights.

Sahej learns that the Street Dancer Group has to correct its dance moves. And to correct the dance moves, she enlists the help of Nora (Nora Fatehi), who dances in a British dance group in this film, also known as The Royals. She improves the dance of Sahej’s group.

Street Dancer 3D Movie

Street dancers and rule breakers often gather at a restaurant run by Prabhu Anna (Prabhudheva) to watch the India vs Pakistan cricket match. At such times, they get into fights and attack each other for food. They stop only when a policeman (Murali Sharma) intervenes. While leaving, Inayat sees the suspects entering through the back door of the restaurant.

During her next visit, she is at the scene watching it again. This time she encounters God gracefully. At this, Prabhu tells them that these people are illegal migrants from the Indian subcontinent and they give them the leftover food. Inayat is transferred with this gesture. Meanwhile, the Ground Zero competition is announced again and the prize money is staggering. Street dancers also decide to participate in this ground zero. Prabhu Anna advises both groups to unite as they will help them win. The rest of the film is made for what happens next.
The ‘Street Dancer 3D’ movie has a strong message to send to its audience that inspires them to face adversity, compassion for what we know and what we don’t know, and friendship over personal gain The emphasis is on importance. If not for the story, then watch this movie for the love of dance.

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