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Dagaalty Movie Review : Dagaalty is an upcoming film, starring Santhanam, Yogi Babu and Ritika Sen. The film is produced by Home Made Films, 18 reels and directed by Vijay Anand.

The richest man, Tarun Arora, is wooed by Ritika Sen, the heroine, and the responsibility to find her comes unexpectedly. The story of the film is of later events.

Dagaalty Full Movie Review

Santhanam in the role of Guru. Drug mafia gang falls into hands in Mumbai. Even his regular timing comedy, The Badawi Body Language, has been taken seriously this time in both action and romance.
In this film, Yogi Babu will be seen as a partner of Santhanam. The places where the two gaze at each other bring a smile. In particular, Yogi Babu said, “I cannot speak more seriously than this.” As a heroine, Ritika Sen fully plays her role as a rural woman who has no problem with lips.

As the leader of the Radha Ravi mafia gang, Tarun Arora as the villain, Santana Bharti, Rekha and Manopala have done their proper work. Especially if there are some scenes that come out of the theater, there is laughter in the theater.

Vijay Narayan has added extra strength to his comedy film. Cinematographer Deepkumar Vahe draws attention to the exclusive cinematography of the story of the entire locales of the film.

The final fifteen minutes of the film were as much comedy as Saradevi. Traveling with Chandan is unbelievable for the sole reason that the heroine, who is being portrayed as an educated woman, saves him. And the heroin family is the most famous in the city. But it is unacceptable to show only when his lady has left and regret not making great efforts to discover. And his sudden impulsiveness was not understood as Santhanam’s character was not mentioned in the list.

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