Malang Movie Review | Aditya Roy Kapur, Disha Patani, Anil Kapoor

Malang Movie Review : The story of Mohit Suri’s new film Malang is the story of four Goan characters who meet at a gap of five years. A Christmas night brings a storm to their lives. The difference between what is right and what is wrong disappears. And every character becomes carefree of everything else, Malang. One such malang is Advaita. History is not very good for him. And something similar is happening with Sara. Both want to get lost in Goa, away from worldliness. Advaita returns as a challenge to Inspector Agashe.

Malang Movie Review

Inspector Michael and Teresa’s relationship tugged with emotion. The story of Michael and Agashe is not able to reconcile that Michael, the head of a girl named Jessie, falls into the hands of Michael. The eyes of Agashe and Advaita meet. The routes are two to four. And, the relationship then begins to be wired.

From the point of view of the cast, Malang is a film by Aditya Roy Kapur. It would have been a risky decision to introduce a chocolate hero in Hindi cinema in a deal like Rambo. But, both Mohit and Aditya have mixed everything together. Disha Patani is also in a different color this time from her previous films. Not only does that beautiful part decorate the screen in a powerful way, even in the actress, she is four steps ahead of her previous films. And, Anil Kapoor.

Malang Movie Cast

This mangrove of Hindi cinema is Munna Manmoji. It is difficult to tie this artist to the borders if the mind is played. The rest of the artists have also succeeded in keeping their tricks on the board according to their respective mines. Every pawn is heavy on the ranks of its camp. In this game of checkmate, Mohit has also done all the other stories in the entire chessboard which seems to try to keep the audience hooked till the end.

The film’s action tells the film’s stand from the beginning. Mohit’s technical team is also no less than a malang. Vikas Sivaraman’s cinematography makes the film panoramic. Raju Singh’s background music gives it a better breath. Devendra Murdeshwar’s scissors definitely looks dull somewhere.

The editing could have been better of the film. The film’s weakest link is its music. Mithun, Ankit Tiwari, Aseem Azhar, Ved Sharma and all other composers have tried to give the film a different set of music depending on its mood, but no single pattern of the film is fixed in terms of music. In the case of romantic thriller films, there has been less work in Hindi cinema, in this case, Mohit Suri’s film Malang has succeeded in entertaining the audience.

Like Aashiqui 2, the film Cult may not be able to get the status of the film but it is definitely a good time pass on weekends.

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