Drishyam 2 Movie Review: Mohanlal and Jeethu Joseph

The biggest advantage of getting a movie on on-line platforms is that you just don't keep tied in anybody language.

You get a chance to look at the simplest cinema in several languages, although it's solely with the assistance of subtitles. The recently free Malayali film Drishyam two on Amazon Prime may be a nice example of this.

Drishyam 2 Movie

You must remember Ajay Devgn's Drishyam, that film was the Hindi version of the first part of this Malayali film. Whose second installment has now surfaced.

This film of Legend Mohanlal of Malayalam film industry has created buzz on social media. In such a situation, how is this film and what is the first film that this film has done, let's take a look…

Movie story

Cable operator George Kutty (Mohanlal) now also runs a cinema theater, he is trying to make a film. The story of the child who was killed accidentally with George Kutty's daughter has moved a bit further. But the police continues to investigate that case secretly.
During this police effort, the boy's corpse is found, George Kutty's family again comes under the same questions as in the previous film. In the end, something happens that the police is left empty-handed once again.

It is also not right to tell more about the story, because the story is rotated as it is the punch of the film and the audience is going to enjoy it.

How was the film

The suspense of Drishyam won everyone's heart, the second installment of the film brings even more suspense. George Kutty's mind games and dodging the police every time will surprise you. However, many times you will feel that it has happened exactly like it did in the first film.

But when the case is the same, the character is the same, the place is the same, it is bound to happen. The special thing of the story is that Jahan, the first film of Drishyam, ended in the same manner. With the same speed, suspense, this film also maintains it throughout its time. Along with the suspense, some scenes in the film also add a bit of comedy.

Mohanlal is considered a legend of the Malayali film industry, which he has proved this time too. In North India, people have seen Ajay Devgan's same vision and appreciated that work.

But Mohanlal's work in the original has been much better than that. Apart from Mohanlal, in his family, wife (Rani) is played by Meena, daughter (Anju) Ansiba and second daughter (Anu) Esther who will keep you tied with your characters.

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